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Belly Dancing is considered as one of the oldest rituals of artistic expression. With such a rich history, its purpose is wide and varied in many cultures. Today, aside from having cultural references, belly dancing is gaining popularity as a form of physical exercise and recreational activity.

Goddess Motion is a company in Singapore that aims to enlighten the local community about the beauty of belly dancing. Through regularly scheduled classes, as well as concerts and workshops, we engage women to try the art and enjoy its benefits. We also do professional performances for events, whether corporate or personal, for educational and entertainment purposes.

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While most dance classes are expensive, we offer a variety of courses that are sure to suit your budget. Furthermore, we have an amazing referral program that can help you earn extra income as you enjoy your belly dance lessons with us.


We, at Goddess Motion, believe that the healthier we are, the happier we are. Belly dancing has several positive benefits, but our main goal is to promote the pursuit of health and fitness through this exquisite art form. Our founder, along with our talented team of instructors, is ready to help you discover the wonder that is your body.