Our Founder

In 2000, Susanna Lawren was introduced to belly dancing. She became so enamored with its intricate movements that she decided to master and teach it. Her Egyptian mentors included Mahmoud Reda, Dr. Mo Geddawi, Raqia Hassan, Yousry Sharif, Aida Nour, Momo Kadous, Faten Salama, Magdy El Leisy, and Randa Kamel. She also went under the tutelage of Keti Sharif, a renowned Australian belly dance instructor.

“I like the dance and the music - and I decided to teach others who share my interest.”

Susanna has since become an accomplished performer and a sought-after choreographer. She introduced belly dancing with a veil to the local community, a first in Singapore. Veils of silk and chiffon are used to add a whole new range of sensual movements to the dance form.

Her classes consist of diverse groups of women. Susanna strives to break the stereotype that Hollywood and Bollywood has created – that belly dancing is only for the young and slim. She invites everybody to experience belly dancing, regardless of age and purpose. Some of her students are as old as 70 years old, yet she still believes in their capabilities. Also welcome in her classes are men who are interested in exploring their body through the art.

“The truth is that anybody can learn how to belly dance – as long as they are willing to learn. My students are older, but they are young at heart.”

Susanna Lawren is now known as the founder, owner, and head instructor of Goddess Motion. She leads classes and events that have belly dancing at its heart. One such activity that she participated in and became the team leader of was the Shimmy Mob in Singapore, an international fundraiser that aims to bring together belly dance enthusiasts for a single cause.

Get a share of her highly-contagious energy and passion for belly dancing by attending one of her classes. Register now and book your classes online!